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If you are an accredited investor who is interested in investing in one of my upcoming passive investing opportunities, I’d be happy to schedule a 1-on-1 phone call with you and discuss your personal goals. To learn more about new offerings and take the first step to possibly partnering with me on a future deal, please complete the following form, and I will be in touch with you.
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Steven Pesavento 
Having invested in over $26,000,000 real estate, most of which was purchased using passive investors’ capital, I know what it takes to thrive in this business. I am equally humble to ensure that my strengths are paired with my team who have a track record of longtime success in this business. Surround yourself with the best is my motto. 

Complete the form here to learn more about joining my Operating Partners & I in future Investment Opportunities. 

I am prepared to earn your trust and become a partner with you as well. Together I look forward to a long relationship, one in where you can see growth both personally and financially.
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